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Why we do what we do,

GloZ’s mission.


GloZ creates a healthy market in the localization and content industries.

Content is deeply related to language. GloZ connects the world with content through about 60 languages. GloZ's content-specific localization services deliver the full experience rather than just translation.

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GloZ communicates beyond language barriers.

We always think about how we can deliver content in any language so that everyone can communicate and enjoy content together.


GloZ broadens the market domains in which translators can participate.

We create a market where anyone who has a knack for language and professionalism can shine. We aim to create a market where everyone can join transcending physical restrictions and generational gaps.


About GloZ

When everyone laughs and cries together, the world becomes one.

We believe that laughing and crying over the same content across cultural or linguistic boundaries will prevent needless misunderstandings and disputes. World peace may seem far-off for humanity, yet media is all around us. We hope to catalyze a major advancement through our localization services.

Company Location

Korea: Seoul, Korea

US: Burbank, CA, USA

Singapore: One-North, Singapore

Japan: Tokyo, Japan


Work Environment

Flexible work hours (Start between 8-10 am / Finish between 5-7 pm)

A culture of mutual respect: communication with English names.

Long service leave: extra day-offs after 6 months of joining in GloZ!

High-end devices: a laptop, either Mac or Windows, and dual monitors.


Learning & Development: 500,000 won of self-development allowance every year

Birthday: early day off + gift certificate

Family event: congratulation and condolence leave + allowance

Holiday: holiday bonus

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